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Developed by FABRICA and Rydon A development by FABRICA and Rydon


Pitzhanger Manor: view from Walpole Park
16 | 12 | 16

Ealing's Parks and Recreation

Residents of Jigsaw can be proud of Ealing’s recreational space. Ealing has ten generously sized parks in addition to four nature conservation areas dotted across the Borough. Therefore, you can expect open green corridors and large areas of green space in close proximity of your Jigsaw home awaiting you to soak in their atmosphere and bask in.
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30 | 11 | 16

The Famous Blue Plaques of Ealing

The London Borough of Ealing offers a village-like way of life for residents; avenues are adorned with tree-lined pathways and areas to grow your own fruit and veg are in high demand. But behind this charming picture stands an area steeped with a rich and varied history.
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22 | 11 | 16

Christmas events in Ealing to get you in the festive spirit

Unbelievably, it is that time of year again. The summer has abruptly left us in the lurch, only for the incoming winter to take its rightful place as the season for snow, cold and best of all, Christmas. Here is what you can experience over the coming weeks during the run up to the festive season.
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Shops along Broadway in Ealing
19 | 10 | 16

Notable stops along the Broadway

The temperature has dropped, the leaves are changing colour and people are wearing those winter coats they tucked away not too long ago. We recently wrapped up and walked from Jigsaw to Ealing Broadway to see if this suburban walk through Ealing’s high street presents locals with everything they need.
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29 | 09 | 16

Battle of Ealing: West vs Broadway

Known as ‘Queen of the Suburbs’, this leafy borough has a distinct and diverse character spanning from the red corner of Ealing Broadway to the blue corner of West Ealing. The battle here is not a civil war between residents, rather a positive showcase of the glowing merits both sides have to offer.
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Orchard cafe
15 | 09 | 16

Opening of The Orchard Café

The Orchard Café, located on Singapore Road, opened its doors this week. The café is a great addition to Jigsaw and the community offering a local gathering place, coffee shop and eatery.
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Ealing Northfields Allotment
02 | 08 | 16

Dig for victory in your local allotment

Allotments, to the untrained human eye, may look like patches of unkempt green space, but these designated, personalised plots mask a thriving urban oasis and the opportunity to grow lasting connections with the local community.
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Lee Davies from Conran & Partners
25 | 07 | 16

5 minutes with Conran and Partners

As both the architects and interior designers of the new development, we grabbed five minutes with Conran and Partners to ask their Partner Lee Davies some interesting questions about Jigsaw's contemporary interiors.
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Top 5 destinations under a 20 minute journey away
01 | 07 | 16

Top 5 destinations under a 20 minute journey away

Due to Jigsaw’s ideal positioning this development is well connected to excellent amenities and some of London’s hottest spots. We’ve selected just a few of our favourite destinations you can reach under 20 minutes either via footpath or the new Crossrail network.
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The Ealing Jazz Festival
14 | 06 | 16

Top 5 Festivals in Ealing

Summer is coming! The weather is on up (fingers crossed), the thought of spending time in the great outdoors is ever present and the search for fun in the sun begins. It’s time to dig out those vintage clothes and experience what Ealing has to offer because from June to September, it's festival season!
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New school at Jigsaw
11 | 05 | 16

Back to school at St John’s Primary

We’re proud to announce an exciting milestone as the green light has been given for us to embark on a new education project at Jigsaw, further propelling the positive transformation of this innovative and connected neighbourhood.
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21 | 04 | 16

The Waitrose Effect

If we said to you ‘The Waitrose Effect’, those in the house hunting know or who regularly read the property press would instantly link this popular term in with a positive correlation in relation to house prices across the country.
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07 | 04 | 16

Connecting the pieces: The coming together of Jigsaw

We’d like to take you back to the beginning. Back to the beginning of our Jigsaw story and where it all began with the brand. It was a long process that we devoted lots of hours to, with the aim of creating a brand which successfully evokes the essence of the future of West Ealing.
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Joint development by FABRICA and Rydon Developed by FABRICA and Rydon