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15 | 07 | 19

Why buy from FABRICA at Westvale Park? Meet new home purchaser Lauren Gale

Meet Lauren Gale, a FABRICA new home purchaser at Westvale Park in Horley, who since moving in to her new home, has never looked back.
Lauren Gale is one of Westvale Park's many new residents purchasing with FABRICA. Working as a Client Service Specialist with an advertising agency in Reigate for the last 8 years, Lauren shares her new home experience on buying with FABRICA.

Q: What attracted you to the development?

A: “With new build developments you always expect them to be generic homes and not have any features but with FABRICA the quality really stood out to me. The homes have a lot of potential to add character that I can adapt to make my own even though it’s a new build home. I love the grand features outside my apartment building, it makes it feel luxury and provides a nice welcome. The rear views at the back on my apartment are beautifully landscaped providing lots of natural light into my kitchen which is great and unique.”

Q: What attracted you to the area?

A: “I had known of Westvale Park for some time due to living in the area. I knew it was a great location with good transport connections and close to the amenities you need in everyday life. It’s the best of both with living by towns and connections to the bigger urban areas but also coming home to the countryside will never get old”

Q: Where did you live before?

A: ”I lived in Horley so I drive to work. Westvale Park fitted my lifestyle really well. I always had the dream to live in the country and this fitted perfectly.”

Q: Do you have friends nearby? Have you met any of your new neighbours?

A: “Yes, my friends and family are nearby and since living at Westvale Park I have made friends with my neighbours and we regularly meet for G&T evenings which is really nice. There is a real sense of community at Westvale Park, we all look out for each other within the development. It’s really nice to be part of a growing community. There is a mother and toddler group set up and a Facebook page with regular meet ups for dog walkers.”

Q: Is this your first property? Were you renting previously / living with a friend or relative?

A: “I rented on my own for 14 years so it was impossible to buy on my own for many years. Help to Buy really helped me to afford my own home and let me get more for my money with my deposit.”

Q: What were your motivations for moving?

A: “I rented for a long time and never thought I’d be a homeowner. It was my dream to own my own home and FABRICA had the perfect home for me. Previously it was the timing, affordability, availability that took me many years to find my dream home. There was a lack of properties suitable for first time buyers. FABRICA offered me something that was perfect for what I needed. They have a unique collection of bespoke homes and something that’s unique for their customers”

“There is truly something for everyone at Westvale Park”

Q: What does this new property offer that your previous property didn’t? Does your new home represent an upgrade?

A: “I was keen to buy a new build home as it has so many more benefits of buying new vs old. I.e the insulation is really impressive and the sound proofing. There is parking available. There is a growing community with neighbourhood watch so I feel very safe here especially living on my own. There are high specification appliances which is a big plus for me.

“I am really impressed with the quality of the home especially being in an apartment.”

Q: What are you most happy about with your new home? What do you like most about the new location?

A: “Living at Westvale Park offers beautiful countryside walks and views which is the best part for me. We are so closely connected to the local amenities and connections in London yet situated in the countryside which offers a calm environment and setting.”

Q: Has your commute improved? If so, how?

A: “My commute has been improved, I am now only 3 miles into Reigate which is a really desirable area to be in”

Q: What leisure activities do you enjoy? Does your new home / the development and its facilities / the surrounding area cater to these?

A: “Being within the countryside it’s an ideal location to enjoy walking, cycling and running through the designated routes within the development It’s the perfect location to experience the fresh and natural surroundings of the countryside even though we are within a development. I feel the development and it’s proposed facilities plus the surrounding area all contribute making living at Westvale Park better than I imagined.”

“The proposed facilities including the school, neighbourhood centre the pub and more will enhance the community vibe which is already really lovely and welcoming.”

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