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Dig for victory in your local allotment

Allotments, to the untrained human eye, may look like patches of unkempt green space, but these designated, personalised plots mask a thriving urban oasis and the opportunity to grow lasting connections with the local community.
Ealing Northfields Allotment
Just a few moments’ walk from Jigsaw are the allotments on Northfield Avenue. If you love pottering around, gardening, and enjoy a ‘home from home’, West Ealing’s Northfields allotments are the way forward. The sense of community spirit is prevalent in these green jewels, hosted and managed by the Ealing Dean Allotment Society (EDAS).

People’s interest in growing their own fruit and vegetables is higher than it has been for many years, with many allotment holders embracing the organic movement or the opportunity for one of life’s simple pleasures. Having an allotment encourages physical exercise, and is great for mental well-being, too.

A fun fact: the first allotment in the UK surfaced in 1732 in Birmingham, meaning that this craze of ‘Grow Your Own’ has lasted nearly 400 years.

Therefore it’s no question that allotments have an important place in our social history and this is well documented by EDAS, detailing a potted history of a very British institution. In addition, they host open days and competition which engages the local community of West Ealing to take pride in their plots and reap the rewards.

Sold? Then the Northfields Allotments is allowing new applications at the site. However, as is a common theme, there is a waiting list, but at just two years it is not nearly as long as some other parts of the capital. Demand for allotment nationally remains at an all-time high, with the scarce supply of these green gems and the subsequent decline of space to host them since the 1950s.

The Ealing Dean Allotment Society is actively meeting demand by offering half sized plots to successful applicants in a bid to reduce the long waiting list. The application form is available here.

If you’re interested in applying for a plot, but are not totally convinced on what all the fuss is about, then pop down to Northfield Avenue, W13 9LF, and enjoy the resurgence in a healthy way to grow your roots into the local community.
Rowan @ Rydon
Joint development by FABRICA and Rydon Developed by FABRICA and Rydon