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30 | 08 | 19

Investors at Carlton House | Meet Richard Hole from Savills

We interviewed Savills letting director, Richard Hole, for his views on why Carlton House would be a great investment for investors.
Q: Are you local to the Putney area?
Ish. Family is local.

Q: What do you think of Putney?
Richard: I think Putney is fantastic. I mean I would say that because I’m an estate agent but it is absolutely brilliant in terms of commutability you’ve got underground, overland, river taxis, exceptional bus services, access out on the A3 is straightforward.

At the same time you have all the green spaces you ever want. The river, plenty of scope for activities, Rowing, cycling, running, At the top of which you have the best schools in South West London.

Putney is one of the best areas of South West London in terms of commutability, you’ve got parks, you’ve got the Thames tow path, so it’s absolutely brilliant.

All the redevelopment work on Upper Richmond Road and by the river that Putney is very popular for families and young couples. We are seeing that improve the type of shops and restaurants and nightlife in the area.

The main draw for renters is always going to be the commutability - it's second to none.

Q: What do you think of Carlton House?
Carlton House is a fabulous development, it is very nicely finished and very well placed in the market. I think as far as the quality goes it has to be one of the very top on the Putney scene. It is very attract to our clients both from the corporate side of things and the private.

I think that Carlton House is immensely practical in terms of location being very close to transport and it is finished to an exceptionally high standard attractive to investors and the tenants side of thing so it really is ticking all the boxes.

Fixtures and fittings – it is one of the best finishes we’ve seen in the area.

Q: What are the views like at Carlton House?
The views are immense from up the top they’re ridiculous. From the flats at the top the views really are incredible, you get the London skyline, you can see South West London and the city, Canary Wharf.

I think the views of Carlton House where available are absolutely extraordinary. You’ve got the most amazing vista from the floor to ceiling windows ranging from Wembley Arch to one side to Canary Wharf on the other.

Q: What type of renters does Putney attract?
Richard: The different type of renters we have here, obviously being a very family friendly area with the schooling and green spaces to the fact that you have all the activities, the cycling, the river. And of course, young professionals who relish the opportunity to take any form of transport possible

It varies so much. For a development like this we target professional couples, professional sharers, and families as well.

Having something brand new to move into, for downsizers as well, can be very attractive. It really is across the board.

Q: And what will attract renters to Carlton House? What are their requirements?
Richard: The proximity to transport especially being yards away from the tube is great.

The key requirements for renters will vary depending on who is renting obviously, the main things about Carlton House is the proximity to transport, with the tube abs on your door stop. At the same time the convenience of what’s around in times of shopping, restaurants, parks ,greenery, the security. The finish of the product needs to be mentioned as well which is obviously spot on not only to achieve the best rents possible but also to make sure your investment is capital and standard throughout.

The key requirements for renters is quality, location – Putney is great for this.

Q: What property type do investors want?
Richard: The type of properties investors want is two hold – one and two bedroom apartments. I can never have enough one bed apartments, but also, really good two and three bed apartments. For two beds we need to ensure the finish is to a really high standard.

Q: How long will it take to rent out one of these properties?
Richard: In our experience not very long to rent one of these properties.

The 2 and 3 bedrooms here are of such a high quality as long as we price them right we anticipate them being snapped up within a few days of them coming to the market. We’ve seen we’re getting offers within a couple of days.

Q: Describe Putney in 3 words:
Richard: Active – it is super popular for rowers, cyclists, joggers, people who love yoga

Transport – we have as many transport options as you would hope to see in terms of underground, overground, river taxi services, London bus services.

Calm – it is very easy to take a moment, take the load off and switch off, enjoy the outdoors.

I think Putney really offers the best of both worlds, on one hand we are fortunate to be in an area of greenery – Wandsworth common, very leafy, very green, plenty of outside areas and then on the other side we can be in the city within minutes, trains, tubes, so it really covers all bases.

Q: What do you think the future of Putney is?
Richard: I think the future of Putney is very bright I think we’re seeing a lot of development going on, especially on the high street, so I think we’ll see the area brought back up, and we’ve seen a huge amount of regeneration already in the upper Richmond road area and by the river.

The future of Putney? Greatness.

Q: What is Putney’s best kept secret?
Richard: The best kept secret in Putney is going to be the Palmhouse, a new rooftop venue run by the same people who are doing the pergola chain but it’s a bespoke venue to Putney.

Q: Why would Carlton House be good for investors?
Richard: As we’ve seen already it is popular with our applicants both in terms of corporate and private clients, we’ve seen they’re very popular in terms of finish, in terms of location, the security aspect as well and concierge so all in all I think it’s a very sound investment.